Cars / Suvs


Cars / Suvs

Van drivers have deadlines to keep. Puncture Solution can be deadly if they get a puncture. 4x4s have to face on and off road conditions. They need Puncture Solution Puncture Free sealant On Road.

Puncture Solution On Road LCV is available in a 1250ml bottle (or in a 25 litre drum for workshops and tyre bays). It is designed for use in –

• Vans and other Light Commercial Vehicles of less than 5 tonnes

• 4×4 vehicles that also travel at high speed on road

• Caravans, horse boxes, boat trailers and other light trailers


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Apprav Khanna

My bike tyre (Yamaha fazer) had at least 10-12 punctures.. it sealed them all.... didnt experienced air-leak from entire month ..Very good tyre sealant liquid product

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Awesom products.... using this product, my bike tyre got 3 years more life.. and i am requesting to Puncture solution , please do available this product again.

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The product is good to serve the purpose. I was fed up of air refilling my rear wheel of Fzs. Now i ride carefree from losing air pressure.

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Jasveer Paji

Works well superb m really amazed after using it.

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Akhil Chopra

Absolutely brilliant product. I have been using it for around 2 years on my bike. Totally satisfied with the product. Bought  it again  for a new set of tyres.

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I was used on my honda cbr 150r on rear tyre it already have more than 10 puncture air leaked with in a day after used this results are amazing totally stopped all leakages..